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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Worthwhile Trip!

I have been meaning to go to This Bookstore since I first saw a brochure for it last June, I just haven't been able to make the day trip out anytime since. (I know, sad.) But I finally saw an advertistment for a book festival they were having and I knew it, I had to finally go. No matter what. So I did.


Despite the two hour trip, it was so worth it. The city of Harrisburg was nice (sketchy in areas, but nice overall) and the bookstore was definitely something to write home about. You could just tell, the minute you walk in their doors, that every soul in there loves bookstores just as much as you. Its a passion, in fact. All the people in the world that go to bookstores to de-stress and just be in a happy, comfort-zone place, they are there. They are just like you...in that aspect.

There are millions of books. It reminds me a lot of The Strand Bookstore in New York City, where there are millions of books in very tight spaces. You can't come in the store necessarily looking for a particular book. As much as I loveeee Barnes & Noble, that kind of task is for a store such as that. You have to come into this store with an open mind. You're looking for a book but not sure what kind of book, what you feel like reading, maybe not even what genre. There are four levels to browse and this is the only type of store where you can let yourself just be free, and wander. Wander until your heart desires to stop, and turn to your side and pick a random book off the shelf. The books are in all forms, from used books in the 1800s to modern day releases. They are not in any order, nor are they even stacked neatly, but isn't that what makes it enjoyable? It makes it random, as if when you stumble upon a random book you want, you can consider it fate, or a "good find". PLus, the books in general are a lot less expensive than normal, being that a lot of them are used.

Also, they have an extensive and diverse collection of topics and genres to browse in, enough to keep you busy for at *least* two hours. It took us two hours just to walk up and down every aisle! Of course, that entailed continuously stopping to check out a new book you find, read a couple pages, etc. But still.

Andddd, they have TEA. But not just tea, but like 5,000 different types of tea! It was overwhelmingly glorious and tasted way too yummy to have been made on this planet.

Being that its become to be a pretty well known bookstore, they have famous authors come in and speak/read. They have a specific section for readings and poetry readings. Even a little stage, mics, lights, etc.

Throughout the upper level that overlooks the rest of Harrisburg, there are couches that they encourage you to stay awhile in and enjoy your book. Couches! And they have board games scattered about (scrabble, chess, checkers, monopoly, etc) that you can just start playing with at your pleasure.

It just felt heavenly, unrealistic. Like I was wandering around aimlessly in my created heaven, just happy. No problems in the world, they left when I opened the door. It was definitely a very cool, worthwhile trip. If you live within the 2-3hour radius of Harrisburg, PA, I highly encourage you to make the day trip if you like bookstores, this one is worth it!

Here are some magical pictures:

This legit cannot describe me any more perfectly, that is a fact.

also pretty true. Lovely quote

View of the whole store from the top level :)

They had LADDERS. Books to the CEILING! Like...BELLE!

With love, (so much love),

~ A Writer in a Nurses Body

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