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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doctors Don't Know Everything

So me and fellow co-nurse are discussing one of our patients foot wounds. She asks me the correct anatomical term to describe the area beneath the big toe.

My educated answer? "google it"

So we googled it and unfortunately google didn't offer any insight.

At that time one of the nice(r) doctors strolled up to the unit. I whispered to my co-nurse that we should ask doctor, right?

Nurse: "Dr.YouShouldKnowThis, what would be the correct anatomical term to describe this area of the foot?" * you can't get it wrong, as said nurse even took off her shoe and really made sure to point at the right spot*

Dr.YouShouldKnowThis: ummm.....the ball of the foot?

Nurse: I know, but what's the fancy name?

Dr. YouShouldKnowThis: I don't know.  I'd google it.

Now keep in mind, Dr.YouShouldKnowThis does have a Medical Degree, however she is a hospitalist. They treat patients that come into the hospital, they have no primary practice. They are usually younger doctors. They get paid pretty crappy for doing a lot of work. So I didn't even blame her for not being up to par on her anatomy.

So alas, being that this is important and we have to chart it in legal documentation, we had not finished our quest for enduring everlasting foot wound knowledge. So Dr.YouShouldKnowThis leaves, and a couple minutes later another doctor arrives.

Now this doctor is a lot older and more experienced. He's a family primary practice and he's seen a lot in his day.

Nurse: "Dr.YouShouldDefiniteKnowThis, what is this area known as on the foot?" is it...metatarsal? Plantar? *she takes off shoe again*

Dr.YouShouldDefinitelyKnowThis: ummm...I would definitely just google that.



Google solves all problems.

PS_ We ended up charting it as the ball of the foot.

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