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Thursday, June 14, 2012

You've Got a Point

So I have this 93 year old gentleman, who is 100% "with it", aka he's still got it all up there. These are the patients I truly cherish as they are fascinating to talk to. The stories they can tell can blow you away and sometimes you feel like you're working with a truly honorable person, even for just making it this far in life. Anyone that climbs past 90 gets a special medal in my book.

Anyway, this poor gentleman had an NG tube in his nose, which travels down to the stomach. Patients may get these for different reasons, but in this case its purpose was to drain out contents that was impeding a potential small bowel obstruction.

Patients generally hate these tubes, as it is a tube that goes into a nose nostril, travels down the back of your throat. Patients hate it. I would, too. Everytime you swallow, a tube is there and you have to walk around with a tube coming out of nose, on top of totally feeling like crap.

So this one patients tube was giving me a little trouble and I was resultingly in there more working with it, which unfortunately causes him more discomfort. So this is how our conversation went during this whole ordeal:

Patient: "I don't like this tube, it's stuck in my throat."

Me: " mr patient I can imagine this is very uncomfortable and I am very sorry for that. I'm going to do the best I can to make it a little more comfortable for you."

Patient: "what you CAN do is take it out! That will make it all better."

Me: "I know that would make you feel less discomfort but Right now your doctor thinks its best to leave it in, at least for tonight."

Patient: "yeah, he's not the one with a tube down his nose!"

Me, thinking: "touché."


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