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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weirdest most awesome day EVAH


This week has been jam packed with fun things and fun people!!

Let me fill you in. We'll start with the past and then move on with the future...


930am: Breakfast in Bethlehem, PA with amazing best preschool lifelong friend! We meet every couple of months and always have plenty to talk about. Always good times!

12pm- Lunch at PF CHANGS (Best restaurant EVER) in Princeton, NJ (an hour and half away from Bethlehem but right next to my ex-school). Lunch was AMAZING since I got to see my housemate I just spent the past year with at college! She is my best college friend and we clicked instantly and forever after. And, the food was amazing as well! It always is. She also gave me my graduation and birthday present and gave me the BEST picture ever of the two of us and also a nursing book that I want to start reading immediately....

Funny story:
Back in the day, right about when I was graduating high school, I was in a show. It was 42nd street. Probably my all time best friend from high school, was also in the show, and she had the lead. Well, on our last performance, I went over to give her a hug and someone ( I think my dad) got this great shot of us just about to hug. And...my mom is standing in the background, looking at us, sort of staring into space.I look back on the picture a lot as it sits on my desk and I always laugh at my goofy mom in the background.  Well this friend decided to give me a collage of all these inspiring words, and left it up to me on what picture I wanted in the middle of all it. It was for my birthday, right around graduation, as well. 

Well, now history repeats itself, of course. Now my all time best college friend, gave me a picture of the two of us standing together at graduation, and who is in the background staring into space? My mom. Who else?? And, the picture was with my best college friend, and was given to me for my birthday!! Weird how history just repeats itself like that.

At lunch, me and my friend also made more formal plans for future. She is going to look for a nursing job up in North Jersey by me and we will be trying to live together (for real!), hopefully by October or November!! Woot!!!! THis is HUGE!

Okay, so after PF CHANGS, I decided that since I was so close to school, I should go over to the office and pick up some paperwork that I had forgotten to pick up when I was still a student. But, before I went to the school, I wanted to go sit in my favorite school-barnes and noble, being that I became friends with one of the employees over the years and I wanted to go say hi, since I was already so close. I had said a final goodbye in May when I thought I'd never be back to that area, so it was a nice surprise.

Well, I sat in B & N for two and a half hours!! I grabbed a book, a tea, and made myself comfy reading, and so much time went by. It was 300 pm and I knew I had to get going if I was going to make my sisters High school graduation that night! So i set off.

In the parking lot, I went back and forth...should I go pick up the paperwork at the school? Should I not? Should I? I didn't really feel like it, driving over to the school....but, I was already so close and I certainly wouldn't feel like driving down aGAIN later on, so I decided I should just suck it up and go get it.

Well, I got to the nursing office and started leafing through my nursing folder to get what I needed. My professor (just happened) to find me by complete chance, a professor that I had spoken with at graduation about being interested in attending the honor society nursing convention this fall.  Well, here in this office, she asked me if I would be interested in becoming a nursing delegate for this NJ Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the nursing honor society. I asked her of my responsibilities, and after I agreed that I would do it, she says, great! The annual board meeting starts at 4! Well, it was 3:40 by then, what are the chances? Turns out she was IN the office, for the meeting! So I stuck around to go to this big important board meeting. I was a nervous nelly  because I was in jeans and a tee, being that the rest of my day was jeans-and-tee attire, and I certainly wasn't planning on attending any board meetings!

So the meeting was fun...we talked about all this important stuff, like budgets, ideas on nursing in the school, events, fundraisers, NCLEX, etc. It was crazy ! I tried not to open my mouth because I was still in utter awe and really didn't want to say anything stupid as I am so prone to doing. I was the youngest one by 30 years and certainly wasn't about to jump right in with ideas of my own....just yet. Instead I listened to everyone speak, nodded and smiled, offered encouragement, and so forth.

Well, it gets BETTER. Being that I spoke with this same professor at graduation about being interested in going to this honor societys big convention, they picked me (the delegate) to go to the convention! Turns out they have to send one delegate to go, and there I was. So I will be going on a 3,000 (paid for!) convention all about nursing, in TEXAS, for FIVE DAYS in october with my PROFESSOR!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE? It was SO surreal!!! I can't WAIT!!  I had to practically swear on my life that I would be available on those days, no matter WHAT.  No matter what was going on in my job.  I told her that I am already on good terms with my boss, being that I have been on my job for 5 years, and that she would have no problem with letting me off for 5 days to attend an honorable position at a nursing convention. So I will have to go to this convention and do really important things! Like vote! And make decisions! And change nursing! And look professional! AH! So cool.

I've always wanted to change nursing. I have been on a floor for five years now and there is so much I wish i could change, not only on my floor but in the entire realm of nursing everywhere. But every nurse wants to change things, but can't from the floor. With this small foot in the door, I will be meeting the president of the ENTIRE society (my professor is friends with the entire board), and this is how I can change nursing. I will be on the floor still, and can still have political power, one day, in a couple years! This is crazy! Dream big!!!!!!!

So after I got done chatting with all my professors as if they were my new best friends, I raced out of there, thinking the meeting was only an hour long. Well, it was an hour and 45 minutes, time now being 5:38. My sister walks onto the graduation field at 6:10! And thats an hour away! Oh no!!!!! So, I obviously raced there....I might have broken a couple speed laws, but I did make it there in just under an hour! I missed her walk, and get her diploma though :( So, bummer. But, she doesn't hate me! Yay!

So overall, from morning until being in my bed at night, it was a crazy crazy day and so UNEXPECTED!!!!  I love when life happens like that! One minute you're here and the next you're on a roller coaster you didn't even know existed! Its SO WEIRD how fate works!

1) First of all, my friend and I weren't even supposed to go to that restaurant, or that area. We were going to meet closer to me, but they were closed. If we had met closer to me, I never would have gone to the school.

2) If I had not chosen to go see my BN friend, and if I had gone right to the school, I would have been there way too early and would have never seen my professor.

3) If I hadn't been so engrossed in a book at BN and spent two and a half hours there, I would have been too early. Also, If I had chose to go right to graduation and skip the paperwork like I so wanted, it never would have happened!

It just was so weird how it all worked out! It was meant to happen, I was meant to be right there at that time. And now it will probably help shape the rest of my entire life...... Thats kind of like how I decided to go into nursing....so unexpected. Another blog, another day..

I will definitely update you on that! Yay nursing!!!!! I promise to change it all for the good!

~A Writer in a Nurse's Body

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<3 if anyone deserves all this happiness, it's you :)