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Monday, February 27, 2012



Just saw these posted on Nurse's Rock   and it really makes me wish I was a nurse in New York! HA! Although part of me still thinks that even though its "the law", those nurses probably still get beat up. But its nice to at least have it be.....the law.

Because in New Jersey, we just have to......well, duck. Dodge. Don't get hit.

Now, luckily, I am small. I'm 5'2" and 145lbs, so I can move pretty quickly usually. I am also very aware of my surroundings at all times, and have a somewhat extra sense of being able to predict people's actions by the way they are radiating emotions. That being said, (knock on wood!) I have not been "assaulted" in the past 6 years.


I have:
  • Had a tray full of food, silverware and glass plates thrown at me. I ducked. It hit the door behind me. And I still cleaned it up. After I took away all sharp objects near her.
  • Had an IV pole thrown at me. I moved. Quickly.
  • Been a victim at attempted biting. I moved fast enough to not be bit, yet.
  • been scratched, I pretty much bathed my arm in alcohol that day.
  • had nails dug into my arms, hands, etc. That's always fun.
  • had an entire cup of coffee thrown at me, I ducked. Thank god. Took away alllllll liquids after that.
  • been spit at, I ducked. Yay.

I have:

  • seen nurses with legit wounds created by patients
  • seen nurses sent to the ER, with wounds inflicted by patients
  •  seen scratches on other nurses that left scars
  • seen bruises on other nurses that lasted longer than a week

So who says nursing isn't dangerous? Anyone that thinks nursing is for sissy little girls can go kick my A$$, thank you very much!



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