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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have it Your Way

This is how it all went down last night at work:

patient is young female (younger than me young). Came in with ovarian cyst. Possible OR today, so no food after midnight. I go in to see her at shift start. She's nauseous and vomiting.

me: Hi, looks like you're not feeling good. You're feeling nauseous?

Patient: Yeah. I threw up.

Me: I see that. Are you still nauseated?

Patient: uh, yeah. It's because I just drank orange juice.

Me: okay. Well OJ can be very acidic and hard on the stomach, so how about we stick to gingerale or water until midnight?

Patient: Well they said I couldn't drink or eat anything after midnight.

Me: yes.  that's correct, just in case you have to go to the OR.

Patient: So I wanted to eat my dinner really late tonight. My boyfriend brought me McDonalds. Can I still eat that?

Me: As long as its before midnight, yeah, and you're feeling okay.

Patient: Okay.

Patient calls me back again, 10pm.

Patient: I threw up again.

me: Okay. You're nauseous again?

Patient: yeah, its because I had the Mcdonalds.

Me: Yeah.......how about no more food or drinks for the rest of the night?

Patient: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Patient calls back again, 11:59 pm

Patient: I threw up again.

Me: Okay, you're nauseous again?

PAtient: yeah. I had some crackers and juice.

Me: Oh, okay. I thought we agreed you might feel better if we lie low on the foods and drinks for now?

Patient:  I know but If I can't eat until after my test tomorrow I was afraid I'm going to starve. I don't want to starve so I just had one more thing before midnight.

Me: Okay.
 *At this point I start removing all food and drink from the bedside table, being that it is 12:03 am.*

Patient: No! I want to finish my coffee, then I promise no more.

*Slam face into wall now.*

Some people just don't get it. I thought it was ingrained into human nature that when you're nauseous and especially vomiting- you naturally don't want to eat or drink???? Aye AYe AYE!



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