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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank You Dr. Improv....

So the other day I go into see my patient. I'm assessing him, being that it's the beginning of my shift. I noticed the surgeon had just left the room but I was tied up with another patient and didn't get to talk to him.

So I notice on my patients bed sheet above his leg area, it's bright red.

Obviously, being that we're in a hospital, I'm a nurse- this is my patient ...my first thought is somehow my patient is bleeding profusely...from his....thigh area...

Noticing my sudden concern regarding the bright red marks on the sheet, the patient laughs.

I have a raised, expectant eyebrow expression- like this- ^_^ (sort of).

Patient: "oh don't worry. Dr. Improv did that."

Me: (again) ^_^....... "um....can I...see what happened...?"

Patient: "what do you mean?"

Me: "the blood? On your sheet."

Patient: "oh! No. That's marker. Dr. Improv was drawing pictures for me about the surgery hes doing on me tomorrow. See, this is my stomach, those are...the intestines...I think...that's the duodenum there..."

Me: "well, this is a first."

Reason # 37291 why I don't advise using red markers to draw pictures on your patients bed sheets.





Anonymous said...

And I'll bet the doctor didn't have to pay to replace the sheets, did he?

A Writer in a Nurse's Body said...

I bet he doesn't even know where we keep the sheets!