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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Choo Chooing Quietly...

So I babysat the kiddies today (babysat 8-3 and then worked 3-11....ouch. Long. Day.)  and as always, the things they say throw me for a serious loop.

Within the same 15 minutes of my arrival and the mother's departure this morning, I had such a blast. The 4 year old boy is still not potty trained and has this gigantic fear of the pooping in the potty for some ungodly known reason. And the parents have tried everything, and I mean everything. So, to my utmost joy and total convenience (not) the mother tells me on her way out, "By the way-- they don't get to watch ANY T.V. until he poops in the potty."  So I'm like, oh- Fabulous. I rely on the tv a lot when I'm making them meals or in the potty myself (lol o god I just said potty when referring to myself....). So I knew right off the bat this was going to be a very interesting day.

Meanwhile, I have the delight of dealing with a screaming two year old that wanted nothing whatso ever to do with me or anything that represented me or anything that came from me or said by me. So, I'm in her bedroom with her *attempting* to help her get dressed for the day, because in her midst of screaming I made out a mere "IWANTTOGETDRESSED". So be it. So I started helping her take off her Jammies which only made her scream more when she screams "IWANTTOKEEPMYJAMMIESON". So we went back and forth like this for quite some time until I hear out of the corner of my ear  from the 4 year old, "JULIEEE! I HAVE TO POOOOOOOP!"  

This is the golden moment where I think my head turned to the side like a curious dog that just heard something that he is not sure about. I had to think about it for a second. He has to poop? ANd he wants to go in the potty? And he is telling me? OH MY GOD.  So in my midst of proper prioritization, I turn back to the screaming 2 year old and tell her that its totally up to her to pick out an outfit for the day and dress herself and that I was not going to help her if she was going to scream. So I went in (well, ran in) with mr. 4 year old and "gave him his privacy" aka stood outside the door, when 5 seconds later (literally) he tells me, "JULIEEEEE, I POOOOPED!"   Well, that was not long enough, I think, he just sat down! So through the door I insisted, sit longer and push some more out, get all the poop out! (lol). And I get back a "I CANT!"   So that was that. And, sure enough I went in to help him be done thinking there would be nothing but........there was like a friggen monster. I'm telling you. Frightful.  And he looks up at me, and says, "Can I watch t.v. now please?"  lol. yes. go for it little man.

needless to say in his delight of pooping on the duck potty, and in all the rush, he totally peed  all.over.the.floor. WHICH I did NOT know until my feet were wet and he felt obligated to tell me that although he totally pooped in the potty, he peed on the floor, and that it was gross. Yes, thank you. So I spent the next half hour with a lot of clorox (gross). But I actually didnt even mind because I was so happy he pooped! (Oh my god I sound like an overexcited mom.....oh my. )

Back to the 2 year old...she comes out of her room and besides the fact that her pants are on backwards, I am totally impressed. She picked out a gorgegous little tank top I didnt even know she had, and (somewhat) matching pants, and even put her hair in a bow. And no more screaming. Just went and sat down and watched t.v.   Morning success.

Before I leave you for the night, I shall leave you with a couple conversation babysitting funnies: the 4 year old shall be Boo and the 2 year old will be squirt (girl).

Squirt is holding her baby doll, rocking it to sleep, telling everyone, "Shhh!".
Boo starts to sing a little lullaby, mixed with a little soft humming. I thought this was nice.
Squirt: "Boo, be quiet baby is trying to sleep!"
Boo: I know I'm singing a lullaby!"
Squirt: But you have to be quiet, the baby is trying to SLEEP."
Boo: I know but i'm singing a LULLABY for it!"
Squirt: but the baby is trying to sleep!

this conversation went on just like this for a healthy thirty seconds until I had to intervene, with:

"Squirt, sometimes people sing lullabies to help little babies fall asleep."

Squirt: *paused*.... "Oh."   starts singing/ humming a lullaby to her baby.


Later on in day, on another occurence when squirt was shhhhing everyone for her baby, Boo was playing with his trains, Choo Chooing.

Squirt: Shh!
Boo: Squirt, I canNOT Choo choo quietly!

Later on in day....t.v. is off, they are just playing with their imaginations in their room. I love to watch this.....
Boo: C'mon Squirt we have to go feed all the parrots in the zoo with all the seeds!!!!
Squirt: AHHHHHHHHH!!! *Runs around in circles* (she really was).
Boo: "don't roll your eyes at me."

I also taught the two year old how and when to say "Bon Appetit!", because she made a kitchen setup for her dolls and was telling them to enjoy their food and was looking to me to uh...say a couple words? So I said, "Bon appetit!" and of course got crazy looks. So I explained what it meant and when people say it. Needless to say, I am so looking forward to the parents faces when day ( I wish I could see this) when they all get some dinner and squirt says, "Bon Appetit!". Priceless.



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