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Monday, May 2, 2011

What the Heck?

I cried three, THREE, times last night during the movie edition of "A Walk to Remember".

I have seen it before and have never cried!

What is this!

Really good movie, though.

I think we cry during movies when we actually have other things to cry about in life and the movie just gives us a really good excuse to cry. Three times. Sometimes the movie reminds you of something/someone and that brings out memories that make you cry. Sometimes the situations the characters are going through are extremely similar to what you are going through or have faced in the past and that makes you cry. Sometimes what the characters go through makes you cry in fear of it happening to you in the future, and you cannot bear the thought.

I have never cried in a movie before. OK maybe I cried in the Notebook. And Nights of Rodanthe.  Oh my god I'm seeing a trend.....

Damn, Nicholas Sparks!! What are you doing to us women??


P.S.- This is my 300th post! Weird.


Jessica said...

300? Wow, congrats! Also - I definitely agree that it's Nicholas Sparks' fault. Although I'm also known to cry during Pixar movies. You can't say you didn't shed a tear during the opening sequence of Up or the end of Toy Story 3 ;)

A Writer in a Nurse's Body said...

OK I think you got me on Up! TOy Story 3 not so much- but Up I definitely shed some tears in during the beginning sequence :) So Sad :(

I think I cry the most at scenes where I feel like I know how they feel all too well. I'm very empathetic and like in Up! when he lost his wife after all that time, I could just feel the heartbreak, I knew what that must have felt like and that was what made me cry. Now THAT is good movie making animation!