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Friday, July 1, 2011

America: in 3D!

So within the time span of the past five years, the concept of 3D has grown at a disturbing rate. I remember way back (in the day) when spy kids came out, one of the first to be in 3D. You had to wear these awful glasses, a symbol declaration of 3D. Now all the hit movies coming out, both animations and non animated are coming out in 3D, worth apparently another arm and leg of yours to see the movie.

I personally do not see the point in being so fascinated with the 3D concept. We should not be wearing sunglasses in movie theater, that privilege belogs exclusively to being in Disney world.

I mean, I find it annoying when things come at me, actually. I find it perfectly acceptable and equally as entertaining when movie characters, swords, bees, monkeys, hands, baseballs, etc., stay inside of the screen, thank you very much.

I just saw a commercial for a PHONE I think by sprint to come out in 3D. Seriously? You really find extreme satisfaction in your phone leaping out it's contents to your face? I think that would just make me dizzy.

I think 3D is just silly. It sort of takes away the point of going to see a movie a little, isn't it? Movies are supposed to be 2D. Always have been. If you are trying so hard to make it seem more like reality and real life, why don't you just skip the movie and go play baseball and get an actual baseball thrown at your face? I take that any day than the optical illusion of a lion clawing my face out while I duck awkwardly with idiot blue and red sunglasses after paying $10 extra, ya?

What do you guys think? Are you pro 3D generation or do you think there is to much hype?


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Jessica said...

I am so with you on this. Every word!