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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interesting New Work

Despite years and years of working with Photography, there is always always more to learn and experience.

First, back in 2003, just barely started in high school, I picked up my first dinky camera and my main specialty was taking pictures of flowers, boats, landscapes...etc. Easy stuff. My pixelage was terrible, but I knew and other people knew I had an eye. Around 2005 I got a better camera, and my range of talent expanded to better landscapes, interesting subjects, new places, and this is when I practiced developing my "eye", or rather-what I was looking for from behind that lens.

Now I can see pictures with my eyes. I have a lens inside of my eye that is constantly framing shots and my camera is never very far away from me. In 2006, I got asked by a friend if I could do some headshots for her so she could start pursuing a professional acting career. Although I had never, ever, ever tried to do headshot photography, I figured, how hard could it be? Ever since the world of headshot/people photography has taken itself upon my business! I went from selling "artwork" to "services" and that became that. In 2007-2008 ish I partnered up with my father to create a company together that does primarily weddings, as well as event photography and headshots, senior portraits, etc.

But just recently a very good friend of mine asked if I could do him a favor. They were looking for a photographer to photograph some new fashion pieces on their new designer line. This means I'm now also entering the world of Fashion Photography & Commercialism.

Well the photoshoot went great! I felt very much like I was on an episode of America's Next Top Model, we were practically just missing Tyra Banks. The designer was there, the model, the shop owners....it was very cool!

I know I have a LOT, A LOT to learn, but I like how the pictures came out! They really seem to like them, too. Which is...you know, important. The more important thing is that because they like my work, they want me to come back repeatedly and it will be a paying job. WOOT! So, thats cool!

So here's a sample of todays work:

The funny part is I actually have no idea what I'm doing- I never have. It sort of just....happens. It just works. Me and the camera, we just do. It just works. I learn from movies & magazines in a huge part of my life skills department, and this work here is based off watching ANTM and looking through a lifetimes worth of girly magazines. I think people think my work is better than I think it is, which makes me nervous because when they say they like It I can't tell if they actually think its good or are just being polite. What do you guys think ?

~ A Writer (and photographer, thanks to my awesome friend today) in a Nurse's Body


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Luke said...

Love them Jules! Great work, you really do have the knack for it. I do think however the penultimate photo looks almost suggestive, not that I'm complaining ;)

Hope you're well! X