"When you get those rare moments of clarity, those flashes when the universe makes sense, you try desperately to hold on to them. They are the life boats for the darker times, when the vastness of it all, the incomprehensible nature of life is completely illusive. So the question becomes, or should have been all a long... What would you do if you knew you only had one day, or one week, or one month to live. What life boat would you grab on to? What secret would you tell? What band would you see? What person would you declare your love to? What wish would you fulfill? What exotic locale would you fly to for coffee? What book would you write?"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peculiar Phases

I go through phases of liking stuff. Whether it be a game, or...a song, a band, a food...or a drink.

Right now, It's Orange Juice.

Yep. I am pretty sure I have gone through at least 4 of the OJ cartons in the past week and a half. It tastes mighty swell. But, I know that usually in about 2 weeks-a month, this addiction will pass and I'll move on. I remember sophomore year in College I went through this extreme addiction to mandarin oranges. (Is anyone else picking up an orange phase?- I just noticed that..) Its funny because I really despise the fruit. I also went through a Tetris and Scrabble addiction that year. Last year Farmville hit pretty bad, done with that now. ( I know- its depressing.) ((depressing that I was addicted- not depressing that its over!). A couple of months ago I went through a "Fun." addiction- thats a band. I literally listened to them every second I possibly could.

But for now, It's Orange Juice :-)


Jessica said...

Haha I love you and your addictions<3

Jerseygypsy said...

I have been drinking 2 of the BIGGEST OJ cartons they sell at the store every single week. I'm talking the 128 ounce ones!!!

This only started maybe...three weeks ago.

I love it!