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Monday, October 18, 2010


So tomorrow I got an appointment to go see a Holistic Healthcare provider-but not as a patient. I got in to ask her some questions about her profession and what not. I'm nervous but excited. This is step one of many, many more to come to a full career choice. This could make or break it for me, although I'm pretty sure it would take a lot to "break it" considering I am pretty positive this is what I want to do.

THese are the questions I plan to ask her:


  • Introduce myself; where I go to school, I'm a senior; where I do clinical rotations.
  • I am very interested in holistic therapy, but have a lot of questions- where to go, how to start my career.


  1. Where did you get your degrees? What were the degrees? Do you have any other recommendations of good schools in area?
  2. Do you think holistic therapies are catching on in America? Do you think there will be a rise in interest in the next couple decades?
  3. What kinds of jobs would be available to me? Hospital positions? My own practice?
  4. Do you primarily diagnose conditions or do you primarily treat existing conditions & symptoms? Do people come looking for a second diagnosis? Only symptom treatment?
  5. How many patients do you see per day? (average)? How long do you spend with each patient?

So hopefully all goes very smoothly tomorrow and I do not run in to any problems. I am very excited J

I'll keep you updated!

~A Writer in a Nurse's Body

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Jessica said...

Good luck Snaz! Questions sound great! It's so weird that we're approaching the time when we start our careers... it's driving me nuts!