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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can Anyone Diagnose Me?

Can anyone put these symptoms together?

My skin hurts. I can't say everywhere, but pretty close. My arms, MY BACK, my chest, my sides....I think my legs are OK. And my neck too (hurts). My back muscles are achy, I feel like my spine is always out of alignment. Painnn. My chest feels just...tight. Like it's being squeezed. I keep getting shooting pains to my hands, particuarly my right hand, from my elbow, and it almost feels like arthritic pain. I feel dizzy, occaisonally...my head just feels like it wants to collapse.

Is it possible for asthma to come back? I had it as a kid, pretty bad. I had to have a nebulizer treatment every night. THen I was fine for the next 20 years of my life. Now I can't walk to the dining hall without my lungs feeling like they are gasping for air- let alone me trying to talk to anyone without sounding like I am completely out of shape. Which I'm not. I'm not totally rockin out in shape, but I'm not overweight and not completely out of shape. I eat healthy and exercise a good amount. And yet walking to the dining hall makes me feel like my lungs are going to give out....

I have considered fibromyalgia because I have all the symptoms, but i don't have the 18 tender points. So I don't know. And asking a doc about FM does me no good because there is no treatment anyway.

If i still feel like this tomorrow or tues I am going to have to go make some sort of appointment because I feel miserableeeeee.

Could it all be stress? My third med/surg exam is tomorrow...it could be stress manifesting itself funny. It could be making my immune system weak and therefore I picked up a cold? I'm not sniffly though, Im not coughing or sneezing...I don't know.

ALso, my pillows SUCK. Every single pillow I have laid my head on, whether its here, or at home...my head hurts instantly. Explain that. Its a friggen pillow. They are soft. WHy is it making my head hurt?

~ A Writer in a Miserable Nurse's Body

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