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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Nursing School Funny


Dorky me was just listening quietly in my room for my bowel sounds with my stethoscope. Don't laugh. (For non-nursing majors-It's just listening to your stomach to see if you can hear the bowels moving or not- It has nothing to do with actual Poop!). So anyway I was doing this because I am still not going (much) and I wanted to see if my bowels had any plans on going....soon. Which these sounds may be able to tell you. So, regardless, I don't have many sounds. Not good.


As I'm sitting here listening to my tummy like a nursing major dork, I was thinking about Harry Potter and then I was thinking about my super nice stethoscope and then I combined those two and realized that our stethoscopes are like the nursing major version of the Magical world's "wand". And then I started laughing and then my listening was interrupted. But no really- In Harry's world, they all have to buy their own personal wand to use pretty much their entire career. It stays with them from their very first class, and will hopefully stay with them for a very long time in their magical career. Unless it gets broken, or stolen...(Which can also apply to a stethoscope!). Anyway, Its up to the owner how nice this wand is. Its also up to the owner how nice they want their stethoscope to be. If you want to go into cardiology, you better get a good stethoscope. If you want to be an Auror, you better get yourself a good wand. Nursing students (and nurses) need their stethoscope for everything. For every clinical, every simulation, every lab...everything. Some carry them in their car or purse for public emergencies even! Doesn't that sound like the life of a wand...!?

OK. I am done being a total dork. I just had to share this Nursing School Funny :-)

~ A Writer In a Nurse's Body

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