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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meeting with Dietitian

So, my scheduled meeting with the dietitian went great! I was really afraid she would shun me and be all "this is silly- milk is good for you dumbass you need your calcium". But she didn't! She totally supported my necessity and my decision (thats what I call it). So she explained to me my options I can have in the dining hall, and there are a lot more than I thought. So I'm going to try those out today or tomorrow. THere is a special cream cheese- I guess made out of tofu I think she said- that is in the dining hall for LI's. We also found out the eggs technically have milk from the companys website, but she personally asked the chef and he said they do not and that they are just eggs. So, thats good. But, all the bakery items do have milk, as I assumed. The muffins, ( so good), cookies, corn bread..etc. But oh well, I can cut all that out. She said there were even a couple other girls on campus who not only are LI(Lactose Intolerant) but did a lot of research and found that milk should not be consumed at all and that it is a harmful substance. So, I'm not alone on this! She said that the college has grown in numbers with having gluten intolerances, and they have made a special "zone" of the dining hall just for them to go prepare their food, which is excellent. So she said the LI's are growing too and she is doing everything she can to help us. She is also ordering into our convenience store some of my favorite products, so now I can use my points! :-)

I think my intolerance pisses my family (mostly my mom-who has to cook for dinner) and my friends off the most (my friends have to eat with me or get bored while I argue with waiters and waitresses or take 10 years to order something off the friggen menu). But it really doesn't bother me. I feel proud about my decision and feel a lot healthier cutting out milk. One of my friends that I trust the absolute most- does not support the decision though and thinks it is absolutely silly. After I told the friend- they even went and bought a YooHoo Choco Milk to drink, no-chug- in front of me. :-( But that doesn't matter. I believe what I believe and will continue to do more research. I have read two books on it so far and if any of you have recommendations, please comment with them! THank you!

Well, thats it for now. I have to study, all weekend. But, look forward to a post tomorrow most likely. Study breaks are healthy....right? ...right? :)


Mel said...

Wow, so this LI came out of nowhere? My friend Antoine is LI, and he still finds himself eating ice cream and then getting sick. He loves dairy products. I hope milk isn't all bad. What about the ones made from organically fed cows or whatever.... because I give my girls milk all the time.

A Writer in a Nurse's Body said...


I was diagnosed as a kid with LI and my mother didn't know much about it then, but didn't give me any milk. As I grew up, in my middle school and high school years i still knew I was LI but kind of ignored it. I would still eat ice cream and cheese, pizza, milk with my cereal, etc. BUT I got headaches and severe stomachaches almost every single day or at least 4 times a week. So this past summer I sort of made the obvious connection and took first milk out- and replaced it with Lactaid. Then I realized that milk was still in a lot of products I did not know about and I was still getting heavy doses, and therefore still getting sick. Then I did a lot of research and found out how harmful milk was to the public in general. When I babysit, the kids scream for milk and literally drink half the carton in the time I am there (8-4). The girl once drank her entire bottle in 10 minutes, literally gulping it down. Afterwards none of her words made sense, she was staring into space, she was twisting and turning on the couch, couldn't sit still, and was zoning out watching the TV, even after I turned it off. So I have seen the effects for myself and feel guilty for even giving it to the kids in the first place.

THe first book that caught my attention on this was:


It is mainly about Autism but also talks about ADD, fibromyalgia (which I think I have) and many other behavioral problems, which may be caused by milk in origin. This book led me to:


which I am still reading.

Take your kids off it for a week- one week and see what happens... supplement their calcium with OJ or another food source...Whats the worst that could happen? You may see improvements in their attention span, performance or behavior in general. I do not consider myself an expert on the topic by any means. I still have a TON of research to do about this topic and very much plan to do so in my future. I want to be able to stand behind my belief 100% and back it up with a lot of other research and researchers. I know a lot of people don't believe me, nor do they think they have problems with milk. And some people don't, or never will...but milk could be causing a problem you may not even think possible. Who knows..

Thanks for reading mel :)