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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Can't Even Tell You....

....How many times a patient has asked me if I'm married or not. The conversation always goes like this:

"Are you married?"

me:  "No."

"Oh...How old are you?"


"Oh....Well, you still have time."

me: "yep."

"Are you engaged?"

me: "Nope."

"Why not?"

 Me: "Um....because there is no one to be engaged to, yet."

"Oh. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Me:   *gets annoyed*   "Nope......"

"Oh. Well you still have lots of time."

Me: "Um...yup."

"Do you have KIDS?"


Why are they so concerned with my marital status???

So today I was curious about this one patient. She was extremely dependant on staff to do everything for her (feed, bathe, etc) and yet was extremely demanding and had a habit of screaming loud enough for the other side of the hall to hear. So I was curious to know where the heck she was living and who was taking care of her and what sort of quality of life she had.  So today while I was feeding her, I asked-
"Do you live in a nursing home?"   And she screamed no. (She screams everything). "Do you live at home?"  ---- > "NO!" ----> "Oh. Well where do you live?"     Patient: "Nevermind. Its none of your concern." (Screaming).   Me: "Okay. Fair enough."

5 minutes later:

"Are you married?" (screaming)


"Are you engaged?"

"Actually, Its none of your concern."  (smiling).

Snippy, I know, but I had to. I just had to. Its the little things. :-)

But she actually smiled, and said, "Fair enough."

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Jessica said...

Lol snaz. Don't feel bad. Sometimes I'm surprised at how nosy people are =/