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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Social Awkwardness Question

Okay here's the situation:

You are at work...or, anywhere, really, (I happened to be at work but it could happen anywhere), and you are with someone (like a coworker) at the dinner cafeteria. Now, in my work culture, all the 3-11 aides through out the hospital usually know each other, and usually, we sit down and eat together at dinner to discuss our floors or the weather, or complain, or vent, or whatever. But that doesn't mean we really, really, know each other, it just means we have conversations, we know a *little* bit about another, but don't *really* know the person. So, say,  you are in a situation where it is just you and a coworker that you say hi to every now and then, but don't really know any of their business, and frankly, don't want to. And they don't know anything  about you. All you know about each other is where you work. Well, All is quiet between us at the dinner table. I am staring intensely at my turkey sandwich and she is texting on her cell phone. All of the sudden, she says, (while looking at her cell phone), "Oh my god."   I sort of shift in my seat...and break away from the interesting turkey sandwich, and sort of look up at her, but she is still staring at phone.  then she repeats with a mild moan, "Oh my god." So I'm like.....okay...and then she's all like, "Oh, what the hell? This sucks!" 

So my question of social etiquette-ness to you, the public, is this- Should I- who doesn't want to get into their business but wants to be polite, say, "Whats wrong?"  If you don't ask, you're just sitting there like a monkey and you appear cold and that you don't care that apparently, something very negative is on her cell phone.  But if you do ask, its like you re nosy and you are stepping on someone Else's personal life....but do you just sit there??  I mean, this could happen at any place...work, a bus station, an ice cream store, in line, in a jungle....so be ready.

What I ended up doing, because I couldn't think of what to do right away and I'm a bumble monkey- Just sort of stared at her cell phone as if it would magically transmit its information to me and I could further assess the situation. Eventually she saw I was sitting there staring and I really just wanted to finish my sandwich, but I wasn't saying anything so she just told me what was up because maybe- she realized she sounded like she thought the world was ending.

I don't know. Has this ever happened to any of you? What did you do?? I really think I have Asperger's sometimes because I over analyze stuff like this and I obviously then blog about it. And If I think I walked out of a situation acting like a *complete* idiot, then It takes me like a whole 24 hours to get it off my mind. I hate messing up socially. And I've been doing it a lot lately, like mostly opening my mouth to speak when I haven't thought it through and I usually end up offending someone. Ahhh, but anyway- long day today at work, but nothing exciting and blog worthy. So, Its bedtime. Night folks!


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