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Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm a Nursing Major and Never Get to Be Creative OKAY?

Well, I have a major project due tomorrow. In community health, throughout the semester we will be taking our presentations to local shelters and community agencies and education place type things and educating people about our topic. My topic happens to be "Woman's Health and Business"....meaning...educating about our private parts, hygiene, sex, etc. So luckily, since we only had a short amount of time to complete the project, our teacher let us take last year's work and just "fix it up". Well, this is what I got:

At first I was like HEY WOW this is pretty good! So I put it away and didn't look at it until 2 days before it was due. I should include here that we also got "cheat sheetS" to go along with these posters. So when I finally decide I should start working on it (sunday), I start looking at this poster and realize about 80% didn't make sense. The previous unknown person filled up a lot of empty space with pictures and not really useful information.
SO. I'm sitting there. In my chair. 5 feet away from this poster. Staring at it. Thinking. How can I possibly fix this? Where do I start? So I sat there for about 7 more minutes and then I remembered that we were supposed to educate about hygiene throughout the body from head to toe. So I figured I could make some sort of figurine, that could illustrate the entire body and I could do it that way.

Well, I can't do anything half ass. So I took a major trip to Michael's, spent $30 (and that was being conservative), and found what I was gonna do. I decided to buy a whole new poster board and start completely over. *sigh*.

The beginning stages. Organized Chaos. And my laptop there, allowing me to watch Modern Family from my common area. Yay for long internet cables!!

 So here is the final finished result:

There was a lot of krazy glue. It got kind of crazy. There was a lot of glueing fingers together.
BUT, I think It turned out pretty OK, Yes? It is a little overwhelming, yes. But that is ok. As long as its fun to look at!  It has information on cramps, tampons, pads, sex and cleanliness, hair care, lice or dandruff, mouth care, nail care, gyno care, feet care, pretty pictures, how to shave, how to put on makeup the right way, how to tell if you have a UTI or a yeast infection....its pretty good stuff! I'm pretty happy with it.


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Jessica said...

Is that an actual razor? haha awesome! Great job Snaz =D

A Writer in a Nurse's Body said...

Yes, Yes it is! You can imagine where I had massive amounts of trouble with the krazy glue. :p