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Friday, January 21, 2011

You're Going to be SO EXCITED! (Well, I am).

Because I have not one, but like....three or four pictures of the week. I'll regret this next week, when I'm like....crap, I need a picture of the week, but in the here and now- I'm pretty excited. So here goes: Enjoy. :)

This picture was taken a couple of nights ago, when I was walking home from watching the movie on campus. This font is really small so I will continue in non-caption format.  

So I'm walking home, and looking at all the messy piles of dirty snow around me. I hate dirty snow, and muddy snow, and yuck in general. And then.....a squirrel jumped out in front of me (our campus has CRAZY squirrels), and I watched where it went, and it went onto our football field. I was amazed as it glided across the perfect ice- snow. It was the only area of snow that hadn't been foot-printed....it was beautiful. And perfect. I had the overwhelming desire to sneak through that fence and jump around in it and...make a snow angel. :-)

This was funny. I was in a rush to leave my townhouse one morning, but I happened to look down at the bench outside my house and found this seashell.
At first I was like, "Oh, nice seashell.." and kept walking. But then I thought about it and I was thinking, what is a sea shell doing on a bench, outside my townhouse, in the middle of winter, in my area? (Not near the beach. Like...2+hours from the beach.) Did I mention in the middle of winter? Outside my townhouse? So after all this thinking, I was like-Oh my goodness that would be a good picture. So I looked around to see if anyone was watching because I always feel funny taking pictures with my cell phone when people are watching, and I took it. I wonder who put the seashell there? I like it :)

Adorable lovebug and her doggie.

This is the gorgeous, amazing, and fascinatingly smart little girl I babysit every so often. She called me on rather short notice today and needed me to babysit because her husband still had not returned home from plowing  from our recent snow storm  and she needed to go to work. So, pretty much as soon as I got there, she was already on her way out of the house and the kids were already in their snow suits and were playing outside. All I got was, "They will show you where to sled! Just keep them warm!" So we started to sled. It was a lot of fun! Despite "sledding"=me pulling them down a hill with a string, turning around and pulling them up the hill with the string. Sledding.

Another sepia-version of the girl and her sled.

I really liked this because some snow flakes got on my iphone camera (AH! WATER!) but it was ok and it made for a really good picture. This little boy (girl's older brother), asked me if he could make a snow angel.....me: "Um, of course you can?" So we made at least 50 snow angels. Their back yard is very angelic right now. But it was a lot of fun and this picture sort of reminded me of the movie cover "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (GREAT MOVIE), and I had to take it.

This past summer, when I started watching these kids, it was more of a "I need money so I guess I'll do it even though I'm always tired/busy and I don't really know how to interact with kids" kind of thing. But now, I really look forward to everytime I get to see them. They are growing so fast every time I see them. They trust me now. They give me kisses and hugs when I see them. They ask me questions and like my answers. They eat food I give them! So weird! I know I am just babysitting, but It makes me feel like a mom and I love it. When I first started babysitting, the little girl did not speak at all (she was 17 months). Now she is speaking in full sentences! Short sentences, but meaningful and with purpose. So amazing!!

And I felt really special when the mom came home and I helped her put the kids in her car after we had been playing in the snow for about 30 minutes, and I picked them both up, put them in the car seats, and then noticed the girl's gloves were wet so I asked her for them and I told her I needed to dry them off because they were so wet and I didn't want her hands to be cold. And then the mom asked her son, (who is 3 1/2) , "Aww, Julie is going to be such a good mommy, isn't she?" And the boy was like, "Yeah!" It was so cute. I can't wait to be a mommy, one day.

So for special/funny moment of the day:
I had just gotten the kids all suited up in their snow suits but since I got them ready first I told them they needed to wait for me to get ready to go (go pee, get my coat on, boots on, etc.) So I'm in the bathroom peeing with the door slightly open so I can hear what they are doing, and I hear the boy say "No! You can NOT make snow angels in the house! There is NO snow!" And I leaned forward and found the little girl lying on the wood floor making (well, trying) to make snow angels and her brother leaning over her trying to tell her not too. It made me giggle :)

YAY for good days :)

~A Writer in a Nurse's Body

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