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Friday, December 24, 2010

Go Figure

So I'm reading this excellent book again (yay) called "The Nightingale of Mosul" and It is a memoir/biography of a nurse that recently served as an army nurse in Iraq, in 2006. I love these kind of books because I came so close to being an army nurse myself, that by reading this, I feel like I'm reading my alternate universe. Anyway, I wanted to bring up a funny (sort of)...more Ironic, point that she brought up. Here is the passage:

"We soon boarded a plane and flew to Kuwait, the sovereign Arab emirate that borders Iraq on the South. We traveled aboard a commerical chapter on a DC-10. Everyone on our unit had at least one weapon (sometimes two), but we were still prohibited from bringing on knives and liquids. Go figure."

Really? Understandably, bombs could be in liquids...and that would be very damaging. And very sad, if a U.S. Soldier wanted to bomb the carrier he was on....But, if a U.S. Soldier went postal and wanted to harm the rest of his unit, couldn't he use one of his two guns strapped on to him? I understand and agree with the practice of not letting common people on planes with liquids or any weapons, but U.S. soldiers? Air force? Marines?

I guess I'm just naive and don't know anything.

But, I like learning about the army. I don't know very much but like to learn. And especially to learn about army nursing. If any one knows some other good books written by army nurses, please, do share. :)

~ A Writer in a (wannabe army) Nurse's Body

P.S.- Here is the Book:

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