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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Major Writing Mishap...

I have been a writer since I can remember starting grade school. Unfortunately, I didn't think to date things back then and I don't know how old I was when I wrote some things. I wish I had just dated them! But I can usually tell by my handwriting...Anyway, I have piles and piles of story after story that I wrote during grade school. I had such big ambitions, and yet I was showing signs of the ADHD I am pretty sure I still have to this day. I could never stick with one story. Hence, this results:

Now that I am home for break, I am organizing all these stories. Each different "pile" that you see is a different novel/story line. My longest one, the pink one in bottom right, made it to about 50 pages. My shortest one is 5 pages. The funny thing is, this only represents grade school (about 5th grade to freshman year in HS). I keep the more "modern" novel lines (which exhibit better writing skills, better planning, more realistic plot lines...longer pages..) in another spot and have to tackle them (4) another time. So, in total, I have approximately 15 major novels that at one time, I had plans to finish. When I was in grade school I was so positive I would be a writer. I couldn't imagine anything different. I put so much passion into writing these stories, I had so many ideas...Although my grammar really, really, really, really sucked, I had great talent in dialogue and capturing emotion and setting, which are still my main weaknesses and strengths. Anyone that reads this blog knows I still suck with grammar! (Sorry Jess! ) I've been through three major writing workshops and it has been said many times that I excel in dialogue and setting, which I love to do. Who knows why I am so bad with grammar...you'd think for wanting to be a writer since age 10, I would pay better attention to these lessons....

Anyway, I am organizing these stories by typing them into the computer. This way I have them all together, and they are easier to read, and maybe one day I can still "save" the original novel idea I had when I was younger and make it into a bigger, better novel that is a lot more realistic.

For example, I cracked up laughing when I saw the following, what I wrote. I don't know how old I was when I wrote this but it is a pure example of me not thinking things through.

I begin this novel with a "Preclude" and it is supposed to take place in 1447. Okay, fine. The story begins with a war scene, with two soldiers talking about needing more manpower, etc. Okay, that's fine..Then It switches to a distant village that has yet to be attacked, and it focuses on two girls that are shopping for dresses for their "Turning 15" celebration, where they become "women" and are married off, etc. Okay...still ok, but pushing it. But then, but then....IT GETS BETTER. I end the excerpt I had wrote at the time with the following:

"Your friend Nelly has decided to continue on in the shoppe, and told us to head on home, if that is alright with you." Said Mary, as she pulled out her keys. Nelly would be able to drive soon. She was so excited.

Unless cars were invented in the 1400's and I didn't know about then this is considered SEVERELY out of context!!! I read this, and I couldn't even put in to the computer I was so ashamed/laughing so hard. I was on such a good track...war, villages, shopping, etc., and then driving.

I had to share. It made me giggle. I can't believe myself sometimes. Expect me to share a little more funny things I come across, in later blogs. :)

~A (silly) Writer in a Nurse's Body

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Jessica said...

Haha that's funny :) And you really don't have bad grammar! No apologizing necessary :)