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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Most Awkward Moment of my LIFE

I just happen to have been born and raised about 20 minutes from the hospital I work in. That being said, I think I can count on ONE hand the amount of times I bumped into a patient that I had, outside of the hospital. We aren't a very big county, but somehow we are big enough that I didn't think this happens. Then again, I don't live in- nor have I ever- the actual town the hospital is in.

Apparently, seeing patients outside of work is a daily occurrence for employees that also live in this small town. I was not aware of this.

So the other day, my superawesomeincredible nurse aide needed a ride home. This nurse aide happens to live in the same very town as the hospital, not far. So we happen to be at a stoplight.....chit-chat, observing the surroundings in front of us. I see two men sitting on a front stoop, one is wearing long-johns and flannel coat, the other in a suit and boots. Otherwise there wasn't much going on. But the following went down:

Coworker: "Well that guy sure looks spiffy."

Me: "yeah. Must have an interview or going to work or something."

Coworker: "Yeah......hey....wait a minute...Isn't that SoandSo?!"

Me: "Who?"

Coworker: "We had him as a patient, a month or two ago."

I take a closer look, visualize him in a patient gown....

Me: "Oh my god isn't that the guy from the jail?!"

Coworker laughs, "Yeah- he's always in and out for traffic violations. I wonder why he's looking so spiffy today he's got nice boots and everything..."

Me: "OH! MY! GOD!"

Coworker: "....what?"

Me: "I.....sucked POOP.....out of THAT GUYS stomach! And now he's standing in a suit, across from me on the street!"

Coworker: "You did what...?"

Me: "You know.....an NG tube and all..."

it was seriously the funniest, most awkward, most enlightening and most awful moment of my entire....week. It will NEVER not be weird seeing patients outside the hospital....knowing what I know about patients, remembering what I've seen them do, spit up, poop out, etc. Weirrddddddd.



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