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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking to Hire Web Site Designer...

So I have this idea.

I was thinking about it this morning, how much it sucks being lactose intolerant (most days) and how one of the worst parts about it is not having someone that knows what you're talking about and can complain too. When you meet another lactose intolerant, they just get you automatically with just that one sentence. Automatic friendship.

So I was thinking this morning, I wonder if there is some sort of huge website where lactose intolerants all over the U.S./World can meet and talk to each other? There's gotta be, right?

Well if there is, I can't find one. And google can't find one either.

So I want to make one. Except I have *no idea* how to design a website other than this blog, which is all guided simpfully by blogger.

This website is going to have lots of forums on all different topics...its going to have advice (I don't know where I'll be getting this advice from....), books to read about LI, articles that I find or other people find, maybe a blog on it where anyone can post....and maybe a dating site portion of it where LI's can meet other LI'ers. That would be nice :)

Sometimes I think I try and convert people just so I can have someone to go through the lifestyle with.  Like, I meet someone new and I'm all like, "Oh, you have a stomachache? I bet you're lactose intolerant." "Oh, that headache....hmm, have you had any milk to drink today?" "Oh, can't think clearly? Feeling a little fuzzy? You probably have an intolerance to milk...and cheese, and other dairy....stuff. Like me. *smile*"   "Here, try my dairy free ice cream! Its sooooo good. If you like this, you might like ALL dairy free stuff! woot!"

Occasionally I get someone but then they soon realize they probably aren't LI. *sigh*

So, any website designers out there drastically bored? Like, dramatically bored? Because its going to take a lot of work. Probably. I think. Yes. It will.

OK I have to continue studying for my "Mission Impossible: NCLEX" now, but look forward to a really interesting Nursing blog tonight.....I know, boring, but I promise to make it read-worthy.


PS- If a website like this DOES EXIST, please do me a favor and direct me to it? I would give you a cookie! (A dairy free one, though...you know, to help convert you).

PSS- Is intolerant even a word? Spell checker seems to think not. I think it is.

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