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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Scare People Away

So, my friends, this really did just happen:

I happen to be one of those annoying girls that when unexpectedly confronted with a really hot/cute guy, I tend to forget who I am, what I stand for, I get all giggly. I tend to start rambling and when I realize I am totally blowing it I try and fix it with lots of more rambling. There are are lot of overzealous and unecessary hand gestures involved too. Really cool.

So lets illustrate just how really awesome I can be. This happened.

At the gym. Cute guy smiles at me, stands within 5 feet of me. stays there, smiling.
him: "Hey"

we had been doing the flirty eye thing for awhile, so i felt like I could make a small conversation..
me: Hey.  So, is the gym always this crowded at 11 at night?

him: Yeah, a lot of night shifters.

Me: Oh sweet, yeah, I work night shift.

Him: Oh? What do you do?

Me: I'm a nurse.

Him: Oh, like an RN?

Me: Yup.

Him: Oh sweet, Im going to school to be a doctor.

Me: Oh, thats awesome. I know a lot about....doctor...ing.

Him: thats awesome. So what kind of nurse are you?

Me: I'm on Surgical oncology.

Him: Oh, man I bet thats hard. Look of concern/shock on his face.

Me: Oh, yeah.....you know. Yeah. It is. I mean, sometimes. Its different. I deal with a lot of......cancer......and well.....surgery.......

Look of more concern/horror on his face.

Me: I try and fix the look of concern/horror on his face.... But you know...its cool...I tend to have my patients for a pretty long time....so I get to know them pretty well and all......but then they die....sometimes....and you know, its a bummer.

Him: Total look of horror.

Me: stillllll like a flopping fish out of water, I try to fix that look on his face.  "No its all cool though, really.........I come to the gym to sort of work out all the stress that builds up..........yayyyy.....happiness..........!" *awkward smile*

Him: oh...wow.....thats, really.....interesting.

I walk away. Like a boss.

Yeah. Believe it or not, I've done that more than once. Not with hot guys. Because I find a four leaf clover more often than a hot guy actually starts a conversation with me. But with lots of other people. I have that type of job that I turn into a conversation ruiner. I mean I could focus on all the awesome parts of the job..................but somehow the death in the job is always the first thing to come to mind when people ask what being a nurse on oncology is like. I guess I always think that that is what people are expecting to hear?

These are times I wish I worked OB and when people asked what I do I could tell them I get to play with babies all day and yadayada. Happiness. People expect happiness out of OB. But the conversation is already grimm when I say I work Surgical/oncology. People hear that big word, "oncology", and their face automatically shifts.  But seriously, how many happy ways can you happily steer any conversation in oncology nursing? It can be a challenge.

So, yeah. That did happen. Disclaimer: Minor paraphrasing used to protect identities of hot people. But you got the idea.

Thanks to working night shift, I am unnaturally awake at an unfair hour and had to write this , but now I'm totally going back to sleep, awesome.

With so much awkward love,


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