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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is Funny That Way

So in December, I joined a gym a couple of minutes from my house. My primary goal was not just weight loss- I was specifically looking for a way to play tennis indoors all winter. When I joined the gym, I also noticed I was now eligible for a free racquetball lesson.

Racquetball? Honestly, I had heard of the game maybe once or twice, and only knew it was "the game you play in the box". But, obviously, its with a racquet, its free, and I thought I would give it a try.

So I went for the lesson, and I sucked. Well, I thought I did. Apparantly, I did well for never having played, but thats probably thank you to tennis experience. However, it just so happens that the director of the racquetball programs walked by as I was finishing my lesson, and asked if I would be *interested* in joining a beginners racquetball league.  I thought about it....I thought, OK- It can't hurt to just put my name down to be emailed about it, right?

So sure enough, I never went back to play. I got back into working, christmas came, went on vacation, etc. Then, one day I get an email about the league. It was scheduled to be every tuesday. I emailed back with concern that I wouldn't be available on tuesdays being that my work schedule changes weekly. No problem, they said- just rearrange your match. To me- that interaction wasn't a *go ahead and put me in the tournament* interaction.

However, sure enough, a couple weeks later I get an email of the tournament schedule- and sure enough- I was on it, after only having had one lesson.

My first reaction- after my pulse racing- was NO! Absolutely not! I will nottttttttttt do this, how can I best get out of this?? But then I thought- man the whole tournament is matched- If i back out it will extraordinarishly hard to reschedule....I have to play. But I can't play. I can't. I won't. But I have to. What do I do??

So I talked to friends about it, and of course- the general concensus was- DO IT! I realized, with their help that I have to try new things and if it really sucks that bad, then it will be over soon and its not the end of the world. Great.

So next thing I did was schedule myself for another lesson, and went and bought all my supplies! Yikes!

Well, I won my first match so far! (yay!) but lost my second match (nay)- but thats not the point.

The point is, is that I'm absolutely falling in love with the sport! I can't stop thinking about it! I love it!  Yes, it is a very intense workout like no other. You have to think extremely quickly and move even faster than that. But I love racquet sports. And there's just something so stress relieving about making that impact between the ball and your racquet.......ahh. The other day after work I went to play- by myself, just to hit the ball around. Its so nice being in an enclosed area where you can hit the ball as hard as you want and it comes right back to you. On a tennis court you have to go running after it all the time, bring 50 balls, etc.

So, thats my funny story of the week. I shall keep you updated on how it all pans out, but I'm pretty sure I'm a new lifelong player :)


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Jessica said...

YAY! That's AWESOME, Snaz!