"When you get those rare moments of clarity, those flashes when the universe makes sense, you try desperately to hold on to them. They are the life boats for the darker times, when the vastness of it all, the incomprehensible nature of life is completely illusive. So the question becomes, or should have been all a long... What would you do if you knew you only had one day, or one week, or one month to live. What life boat would you grab on to? What secret would you tell? What band would you see? What person would you declare your love to? What wish would you fulfill? What exotic locale would you fly to for coffee? What book would you write?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Crazy FUN Times!

So my college sponsored this giant carnival/festival thing Friday night to sort of kick off finals week/fest.  And it just so happened that my magical school MAGICALLY got one of my FAVORITE BANDS EVER to come to the school to do a concert! WHAT!  I stopped by the carnival for a bit and took a couple cool pics before heading over to the concert. By the way, this totally makes up for not posting picture-of-the week for like, a month.

Notice he's on stilts? Climbing a rock wall? Let's just say the police didn't stop him because they were really curious as to what would happen, lol.

Going for the twilight-carnival effect.

AWESOME CHALK MURAL!!! Some serious artwork right there. We take chalk seriously at my school. Be jealous.


 STEEL TRAIN- Opened for FUN

I hope this comes out well, if it doesn't I'm taking it down. But this is the lead singer of Fun, singing a clip of one of my favorite songs. And its probably my favorite part of the song, too. :-) LOVE.

This video just demonstrates further how awesome FUN is and how crazy my school is. love love love :)

We were barely 18 when we'd crossed collective hearts.

It was cold, but it got warm when you'd barely crossed my eye.

and then you turned, put out your hand,

and you asked me to dance.

I knew nothing of romance, but it was love at second sight.

I swear when I grow up, I won't just buy you a rose.

I will buy the flower shop, and you will never be lonely.

Even if the sun stops waking up over the fields

I will not leave, I will not leave 'till it's our time.

So just take my hand, you know that I will never leave your side.
                                                                                         - Fun.


P.S.- The pics taken with a white border were done using the "Hipstamatic" Photography app on Iphone4. really cool! Check it out! I didn't even edit those.

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